3 Top Forex Broker Reviews For the Best Brokers

What is the top Forex Broker Reviews in UK? There are quite a few. To make it short, I’ll give my own personal picks and hopefully you can find your favorites too.

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FXCM – This is my personal pick for best forex broker in UK. They have high-end features including live trading chat, free demo account, trade alerts and lots of other tools to make use of. The platform is easy to use, no learning curve required. I really like FXCM because they provide such excellent customer support.

FXCM provides a platform for both the low level traders and the mid and high level traders. They have many options for traders at various levels, such as CFD trading, options trading, spot trading, futures trading and so on. You can also use your debit card for online deposits and you even have a test button. If you want to try out their trading platforms first hand, they have a demo account for traders that are free. I really like FXCM because their trading platforms are simple and their customer service is great.

RoboFx – Another forex broker review that I went over in my FXCM review. They are another great option for all levels of traders in the UK. They offer free demos, they have several options for CFDs and options, and they offer a lot of information for forex brokers. They also have a really good reputation among professional traders for being very reliable. Their fees are reasonable and their customer service is great.

Supra Forex – This is a forex broker review site that has only recently launched. It is run by two guys named Marcus Leary and Nick Matzorkis. They have years of experience in trading and were the first ones to launch this product. They have received great reviews from forex brokers, banks, and other professionals in the forex market. They have an easy to use website, and you can get involved very quickly. There is no sign up fee, and they do not require you to take out a broker account in order to trade with them.

You see, when you sign up for a forex broker account, you will have to give your credit card information, your bank account information, and other basic information about you. When you go to trade, if you do not have a trade account already, you will be required to open one. This means you will need to put money down (and potentially pay a hefty fee) in order to trade. With the Turbo Forex, all you need is your own fx trading platform, and then you are ready to go. If you want to learn more about forex trading, whether you want to become a day trader, or a long-term trader, then you should check out the Turbo Forex UK and Oanda forex broker reviews.

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