EToro Review – Why Is EToro The Best Forex Broker

If you’re new to the FX markets than you’ve probably heard someone mention or read somewhere that there are only a few top forex brokers. Is it true? Can only a few really make you money? This is an assumption many people have made without ever testing out their system or looking into the details of their broker. Here’s a quick review of what we feel are the top 10 forex brokerages around today.

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It’s right off the bat you can tell that ETRobotics isn’t the only one making a big name on the market. Top 10 of today’s best forex brokerages it s actually right for you too. Over the years different surveys and reviews have made multiple lists and rankings of the top forex brokers. But here have compiled the best of the top, the largest and most trusted forex brokerages in the world.

ECN Brokerages ECN stands for Electronic Communications Network. What that means is that instead of a broker providing you with trades based on what you believe is the correct value for a particular currency pair, it will trade them for you based on what the market believes is correct. Now what sets these forex brokerages apart is that they will offer you trades which are the absolute highest quality when it comes to currencies. So if you want the absolute best, no questions asked, then ECN brokers are the ones you want to be dealing with. They also do not charge you any fees to trade.

Deposits ECN brokers will start trading for you with either a one off or multiple deposit no minimum required. With these types of forex markets you can get started trading immediately. The one off deposit is usually around $1000. It is recommended you get a multiple deposit, at least, of ten or twenty, as these are generally more consistent than the smaller one off balances.

Trading Platforms Different platforms are used by different brokers. Some of these platforms will be proprietary, meaning you will only have access to their market data. If you decide to go with a broker who has a proprietary trading platform, then you will probably have more freedom and have better success, however, this does mean you need to pay a higher fee for the privilege of using their trading platform. Also keep in mind that even those who have a proprietary trading platform will not give away their information for free. These are some of the factors you should take into consideration when looking for the best forex brokerages.

EToro’s Forex Broker Ranking System: EToro has been deemed as the top forex brokers amongst many of the independent websites reviewing them. Many of these websites are also recommending clients to use EToro’s trading tools, which is where their popularity comes from. EToro provides their clients with demo accounts so that they can learn how to properly utilize the trading tools. While they do offer some basic trading tools, their biggest advantage comes from the fact that they include a demo trading account for their clients to use.

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