How to Choose a Forex Broker

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How to Choose a Forex Broker

If you are considering of becoming a Forex Broker then you must first learn about the services you are expected to provide to your clients. You must have a complete knowledge about the Forex markets as they are very vast and intricate. You must be able to cope up with such kind of situation and make decisions as fast as possible. In this article I am going to write about the things that a Forex Broker should not be concerned about.

Do not be cheated by fake brokers like Crown Forex Broker. This company is always associated with scam brokers. It has its own website and it claims to have a dedicated customer service department. But, actually all their customers are being directed towards the phone. This is a very obvious sign that they are a scam broker and they are trying to con you into buying any product they offer. Crown Forex Review by Forex Traders is always mandatory when you deal with a broker from this company.

You must avoid any company which advertises itself as having 100% money back guarantee. This is another trick that scam brokers like to play on you. It is very rare that you will get a company like this. This is another trick that fraud brokers like to play on you. They promise you a lot of things and then vanish in thin air without giving you a cent as compensation.

One thing you need to look for in a Forex Broker is his/her customer service. The Forex Market is huge and it moves so fast that you have to have someone to follow your orders and keep you informed. You will have to find out whether the broker has enough people working for him to be able to support you whenever you have problems. Another good indicator is to check if he is using one of the latest Forex software. These are designed to make your job easy and increase your productivity.

If you feel satisfied with your broker, go ahead and make a trading order. Once again you will need to enquire about the Forex Broker’s customer service. Does he support you by phone? Can you email him? If you cannot reach the Forex broker over the phone or email, this is a sign that he is not well informed about his services and how to best serve you. If he is unable to respond to your queries, do not deal with him.

Check whether the broker offers free trial account. It is essential to see how much support they give to clients who have order less. Sometimes a Forex broker may ask for an initial fee to start trading. But later this may increase and you may end up paying a large amount for the broker’s service. If the broker does not provide you a free trial account, do not use him.

If you wish to trade currencies online and do not want to take risk, go with a commission-based broker. Look for one that has good reputation and good service. A good broker should be able to respond to your queries instantly and help you trade easily. Make sure to verify the credentials of the broker through online review. Also check out the customer testimonials for the broker on various online review sites. If you are satisfied with the reviews and find the broker trustworthy, go ahead and book your demo account with him.

The next step is to choose the currency pair to trade in. Choose the one which you are most familiar with. This way, you are least likely to lose money in the process. Once you are ready to start, ensure that you have placed your orders in advance. This will avoid any delays in the process and ensure that the broker can meet you half way. Most importantly, follow the broker’s advice and do not hesitate to move away from the game if you feel that the situation is not right for you.

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