MT4 Forex Trading Broker Vs MT5 Forex Trading Platform

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MT4 Forex Trading Broker Vs MT5 Forex Trading Platform

Most forex traders believe that Brokers are a major source of reliability and quality forex trading advice. Based on such assumptions, large investors always prefer transatlantic brokers working in the forex industry for decades now. But recently, I have come across a scenario that changed my views and preferences about forex trading brokers. I shall henceforth discuss the scenario which made me change my views on forex brokers. If you are new to forex trading in general, this article will surely help you in deciding which broker to go for, keeping your requirements in mind.

Over the last few years, there have been increasing amounts of instances where forex brokers have deliberately caused market problems to hamper investor confidence in their product or service. For example, one famous case involved manipulation of trading platforms to suppress short term price movements. This was done on the basis of “market test results” and “benchmarking”. Although such events are beyond anyone’s control; still, many traders suffer because of it. It is for this reason that a few forex trading platforms now offer “Forex Trades only” or “limited leverage” options, with reduced trading leverage.

Another case that shows how forex investors are slowly being informed about regulated for services is the increase in number of brokerages providing online-based trading services. Recently, two prominent brokers have launched products specifically meant for online trading: the AMEX and the CFTC. They are basically different from each other, though both provide trading opportunities for private investors. Thus, it is important that you know the difference between an AMEX and a CFTC regulated forex broker before starting to trade in the forex industry.

The difference is not absolute and every coin has its equal. Still, the MT4 and the case MT5 have several important characteristics in common. First of all, they are both based on the same technology (the MetaTrader platform), though with slightly different implementations (MT4 is more flexible).

Both the MT4 and the case MT5 feature a built-in, real-time foreign exchange market simulator that allows traders to experience trading without actually risking any of their money. Although some brokers still present “fake” simulators to deceive people; still others offer free demo accounts for new and existing traders. In addition, both trading platforms feature full support for both the MT4 and the case by way of tutorials and documentation. They also include a number of tools that help traders develop winning trading strategies.

Both the MT4 and the case MT5 are fully compliant with the US legislation. However, there is one major difference between the two platforms, namely the level of leverage available. In case of MT4, only limited leverage is permitted. On the other hand, the cysec MT5 offers unlimited leverage. However, this is not the case with all Forex trading platforms. For instance, Metatrader 4 allows unlimited leverage.

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