Top 3 High Leverage Forex Brokers

high leverage forex brokers

Top 3 High Leverage Forex Brokers

When it comes to leveraged trading forex, there is no substitute for high leverage. High leverage means that you have extremely high positions; however, you are not supposed to ever leave these positions because the returns are so high. When people start forex trading, they often use the standard leverage ratio, but high leverage can really hurt you when it comes to forex day trading. This is why there are so many more gurus out there telling people to use higher leverage. However, this only makes sense if you are able to hold out until the market turns, and you have enough money to trade anyway. Here is a list of some of the top high leverage forex brokers who can help you increase your positions and maximize your profits with unlimited leverage.

First off, here is a list of the top five high leverage for brokers who are willing to let you leverage to your heart’s content. Global Forex Authority is one of the newest forex broker companies on the market. They have a very simple trading platform and they offer traders who are new to forex trading the chance to get the inside scoop on the global markets. If you like to stick with the major indexes, then this may be the forex broker for you.

The next forex broker on our list is Metatrader. Metatrader is owned by the top dog in the trading world, hedge funds, banks, and investment firms. Although you have to pay a hefty amount for their services, their high leverage forex brokers can really help you get into the market faster. If you enjoy playing the big stakes games on the global markets, then this is the forex broker for you.

Last up is FX Club. FX Club trades using only a fraction of leverage than many of the other forex brokers out there. This helps to keep the spreads smaller and keeps the overall risk factor lower. Even though FX Club trades with a small amount of leverage, this does not mean that you should leave all of your money in their hands. FX Club also allows traders to trade using the full market spread. This means that they have the potential to make much more than just a few pips if the market does turn in their favor.

Last but not least is TradeStation. This is the broker that is most known for its easy to use trading platform and the fact that it offers traders a demo account. It has been around for quite some time and has a very high success rate. Traders who want to work with larger amounts of leverage should definitely consider working with this broker. The nice thing about the demo accounts is that they allow you to learn how trading with real money works without having to risk your own funds on the trades that you place.

These are the three popular high leverage brokerages that most traders use today. Each one of these offers traders plenty of options for building their trading portfolio. The key is to find a broker that fits your personality and style as well as one that allows you to build your account as you go. While there may be some overlap between the brokerages, you will find that each one offers you a unique method of trading that is right for you. Remember that in the end, the broker you choose is more important than what kind of account you open up.

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